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Your health is one of the most important investments you can make at a young age.

- Chinyere Nwaoha, MPH

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Introducing our beautifully illustrated children's book, Race to a New Start. A captivating health resource that benefits parents and children, alike. If you are interested in learning a little more about how important your health is to your eveyday life, this is your moment. You don't want to miss adding this life-changing book to your library.

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Designed with the young scholar in mind, the "Race to a New Start Activity Book" provides a seamless extension of Race to a New Start, making the reading experience more immersive and interactive. It's the ideal gift for children who want to continue the adventure beyond the pages of the book and a fantastic way to spark their love for reading and learning. Whether enjoyed independently or as a family, this activity book is sure to keep kids entertained, engaged, and inspired to be healthy.

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Did you know that a seven-year-old boy was named the "fastest kid in the world" after sprinting 100m in just 13.48 seconds? Do you think you could beat his time? How do you think he became the "fastest kid in the world"?


When you give your body nutritious foods and take good care of your body and mind, you are on your way to becoming the best version of you, just like that seven-year-old boy.


In this book, Martin has a huge lead over Malcolm in a race and everyone wants to know what the secret is. Join them on their adventure as they learn about health and fitness, developing social skills and self-esteem, and 8 principles that help them see the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. Can you guess what the 8 principles are? Sprint (or take a nice jog) through these pages learning about:


·  Nutrition

·  Exercise

·  Water

·  Sunshine

·  Temperance

·  Air

·  Rest

·  Trust in God


This book makes a great gift for families or students looking to start or continue living a healthy lifestyle. With its educational and fun tips, this diverse and beautifully illustrated book will have you breaking your own records in no time.


Our mission is to inspire young minds to embrace wellness, positive habits, and vibrant living through each interaction we have with our children.

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Curriculum Integration

“I am seeing myself reading this book to my children in the class so I know it will make a good read in the classroom. Maybe it can be attached to a science curriculum in the classroom. I am hoping to see it on YouTube for children to be able to follow along. Very good work!”

Bernice Johnson

Early Childhood Teacher – St. George’s SDA Primary School, Grenada & Hands and Heart Learning Center

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